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The Stewart House Table Runner

Skill level:  Experienced

Suggested Needle(s): US #00 (1.75 mm)

Sizes Offered: one size, can be worked to any length

Yarn Weight: #20 thread

Yardage Required: 375 to 415 yards

Techniques Used: lace

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My knitting group has a tradition of holding twice-yearly retreats. On a retreat, we sleep very little, laugh a great deal, eat delicious food (chocolate and wine feature prominently) and generally enjoy a slumber party type atmosphere while escaping our everyday cares.

In the fall of 2014 one of our members convinced her son’s family to “vacate the premises” and let us use their home for our retreat. This was no ordinary house: it was a nearly two-hundred year old homestead in scenic, rural Ohio that was lovingly restored and furnished with beautiful antiques. On my first visit to The Stewart House I quickly realized that in addition to history and antiques, the owners clearly had a deep appreciation for handmade items. There were gorgeous hand stitched quilts, stunning needle point tapestries and beautiful crocheted tablecloths prominently displayed and all clearly used and loved.

So, what do you get when you combine an historic property about to celebrate its bicentennial, imminently knit-worthy owners, a huge favor and a designer looking for a big challenge? Why, you get the ultimate hostess gift—The Stewart House Table Runner.

The Stewart House Table Runner is the perfect adornment for an antique, drop leaf table. The sides increase and decrease around diamonds; the center is a wide band of faggoting; and, the entire perimeter is a double-row of bold eyelets. While the table runner is certainly at home with antiques, the strong, geometric pattern makes it appealing to those of us who have a more modern décor, too.

Warning: Stewart House is for black-belt lace knitters who want a challenge. There are no rows “off”--something is happening on every row. With the combination of tiny needles and slippery thread, even the most experienced lace knitters will find The Stewart House Table Runner pushes their skills. But, if you’re kinda crazy like me, that’s a challenge that is irresistible!

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