I've been told perfection is boring. Well, I'm certainly not boring (just ask my friends) and I'm definitely not perfect (just ask my kids)! Because of this I have a standing policy of rewarding people who nicely bring an error to my attention with a free single pattern download from my Ravelry pattern store.

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Spot Shots

Skill level: Easy

Suggested Needle(s): US #6 (4.0 mm)

Sizes Offered: 5.5 to 12.25 inches (foot length)

Yarn Weight: worsted

Yardage Required: 110 to 275 yards

$5.99          $2.99                                     


This design is a collaborative effort of Athens County Knitters. Stop by our group and say HI!

Dance your floor clean!

Picture it—you are in luxurious cabin in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. It is springtime and the air smells wonderful. All of your responsibilities have been left behind. There is good food, good drinks, sunshine, a hot tub and your very best knitting buddies. You haven’t been sleeping much because you’ve been up to the wee hours knitting and laughing. One woman accidentally dribbles her drink onto the hardwood floor. In the completely relaxed atmosphere of the retreat she lazily uses the toe of her sock to clean it up. She says: “too bad I can’t attach knitted wash cloths to my feet”. Another woman says: “Well, what if you made slippers with kitchen cotton??” A third says: “You could dance your floor clean”. Suddenly there are cries of: “My kids would love that” and “You could just throw them in the washer when you were done cleaning” and “I don’t want wet feet but I’d sure like to get rid of dust bunnies”.

Before you know it, the designer in the groups says: “Why don’t we do it—why don’t we design them?” She listened to everything her friends wanted and created a prototype. In the coming weeks the group—including those who were not able to attend the retreat—tweaked and tested until Spot Shots was perfect.

And so, the Athens County Knitters would like to share with you their first collaborative design—the product of their 2010, spring retreat. The slippers are worked flat with minimal shaping so that even a relatively inexperienced knitter can make them. There are 4 sole variations—plain, loops for dusting, mesh for scrubbing and Tarn (t-shirt yarn) for mopping. There are 6 sizes so the whole family can get in on the fun. Happy Knitting!