I've been told perfection is boring. Well, I'm certainly not boring (just ask my friends) and I'm definitely not perfect (just ask my kids)! Because of this I have a standing policy of rewarding people who nicely bring an error to my attention with a free single pattern download from my Ravelry pattern store.

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La Mer

Skill level:

Suggested Needle(s):

Sizes Offered: scarf (stole, throw 1, throw 2)

Yarn Weight: Lace or fingering weight

Yardage Required:

Fingering weight: 400(1000, 1175, 1800) yards

Lace weight: 650(1150, 1750, 2615) yards

Techniques Used: lace, slipped stitches

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My sister is marrying the love of her life this summer. She and her husband-to-be will say their vows in a quiet ceremony on a beach. Unable to be present at the ceremony I wanted to create a special gift to honor their marriage and to, in some small way, be able to share their special day with them.

To do this I decided to create a large, waving throw that would remind them of their seaside vows as they snuggled together through the years. In the months I spent knitting the original rendition of this design I realized it could be easily adapted for smaller projects.

La Mer uses a bold variation of the Japanese Feathers stitch pattern to create the very large flowing waves. The stitch pattern is similar to feather and fan and is easily memorized. La Mer is written for 4 different sizes (scarf, stole and 2 sizes of throws) and can be made with lace or fingering weight yarns. Both charts and written directions are provided.

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