I've been told perfection is boring. Well, I'm certainly not boring (just ask my friends) and I'm definitely not perfect (just ask my kids)! Because of this I have a standing policy of rewarding people who nicely bring an error to my attention with a free single pattern download from my Ravelry pattern store.

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Java Crazed Pyro

Skill level: Experienced

Suggested Needle(s): US #1 (2.25 MM)

Sizes Offered: M, L, XL

Yarn Weight: fingering

Yardage Required: 462 to 693 yards

Nothing beats a basic ribbed sock for easy, quick knitting and happy feet. However, the price to be paid for a basic ribbed sock? Knitting them is tedious. Monotonous. Dull. Dare I say it? Boring.

That’s why I love it when a sock designer surprises me with a technique I’ve never used before. I love learning the technique…and then I love borrowing the technique (with credit of course)! These socks feature techniques I’ve learned in two amazing patterns. From Pyroclastic by Marlowe Crawford I learned how to create a shaped arch which conforms beautifully to my foot. From Java by Cailyn Meyer I learned how to reverse the gusset shaping and to create some pretty wonderful toe shaping. So, in homage to these clever designs I created Java Crazed Pyro---I feel like I should giggle maniacally whenever I say that!

Java Crazed Pyro comes in 3 sizes and is suitable for men, women and school aged children. The sock is amazingly stretchy but with the ribbed sole, arch shaping and bias across the instep it will not shift in your shoes.

Note: both Java and Pyroclastic can be found at Knitty.com. While you’re there check out Twisted—another of my sock designs that (like Java Crazed Pyro) takes basic ribs and shakes them up.

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